July 16, 2022
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Why this petition matters

Started by Deborah Liotta

The OJC property in Oceanside  is in a conditional contract with a builder who is seeking to REZONE the OjC property from the current building zone  of ( Residence B single family homes to (Golden Age 55+ ) in order to construct 90 Rental Units /5 huge buildings on 4.5 acres . The synagogue will be torn down as well as another house on the property . Proposed complex would  only have one entrance and exit which would be at the traffic light on Oceanside Rd and Bellview Ave . 

Many Oceanside residents oppose this Rezone because it will severely impact us in detrimental ways.
There would be Significant increase in Traffic and Congestion  on Oceanside Rd 

There would be Blocked sight lines that would impede our suburban neighborhood

Our property values would most likely go down for all those residents that live in close proximity to this proposed complex . 

Parking for 90 units would be insufficient and therefore negatively  affect the neighbors that surround the property . 

We feel the property should remain zoned for single family homes . 

The builder and OJC would benefit , we as residents would not !

 Last  year a different builder attempted to apply for a Rezone and Many Oceanside residents came together and signed petitions and appeared at Town of Hempstead for a hearing to oppose . Oceanside residents were heard and the rezone was unanimously denied!

We have the power to do this again , but we need everyone to unite and save our suburban neighborhood . 
Please make your voice be heard and Sign this petition if you are opposed to the REZONING of OJC. If enough people oppose this application it will be denied and we will save our beloved Oceanside neighborhood. 


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Signatures: 105Next Goal: 200
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