No Religion No Caste .. One More Option Please..

No Religion No Caste .. One More Option Please..

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RAMAKRISHNA RAO D​.​V. started this petition to Chief justice of Telangana High Court (Hyderabad,) and

" Right to Religion means ..

  Right Not to have any Religion also .. "

 Dear Friends / Sir / Madam !

Namaste... ! 

 We Humbly wants to bring these few lines to your kind notice. Our's is an Inter caste and Inter religious marriage. We have different Caste and Religious Origins.  Of course one of us believe in religion and others do not follow any religion.  We have decided not to impart any caste and religious beliefs to our children. But,  In our Country there is no option to claim for the  people with Non Religious and No Caste practice. We are asking for one more option to claim as "No Religion and No caste" .. Existing formats are not allowing any individual who wants to claim his/her identity outside the Religion.

        We submit that We are filed the Public Interest Litigation (WP -PIL No - 66/2017) precisely for two reasons that our elder daughter Spandana is studying in 10th Class now  and going to come out of the school by March 2017. Our problem remains same, because, in the Board of Secondary   Education, Telangana State SSC Examination March-2017 Online Application it is a must to fill in Religious status of the student, without which the application remains incomplete. Under the Religion column – the options given are 1.Hindu, 2.Islam, 3.Christian, 4.Sikhism, 5.Buddhism, 6.Jainism 7.Others. The “Others” option also prescribed under Religion Column only. There is no option for Non Religious Identity. At this crucial moment we were forced to fill " Others " against our will and wish in the online format.  Despite our repeated requests to all the respondent Authorities particularly of school education to  consider our requisition and give us a provision to claim our child’s status as Non Religious and No Caste there is no response. This online examination application format will decide for all future purposes such as School leaving Certificate /TC and even the SSC certificate. We filled our  elder daughter's online application format under protest. More over in another one month, after her completion of 10 th class we have to obtain School Transfer Certificate again we  have to face the same problem as we  faced during our  younger daughter Sahaja's  admission. It is not a problem with any school but it is a problem with the state/ national  policy by not giving an extra Option/ Column for Non Religious and No Caste People. 

         Indian census also recording people of  6 Religions - Hinduism, Islam, Christianity, Buddhism, Sikhism, Jainism and 7th Identity as " Religion not Stated" which is also not a right expression for Non Religious people. According to 2011 census the number of  " Religion Not Stated " people are 28.7 lakhs. They must be categorized scientifically.  Right from Birth to Death where ever needed there should be one more Option/ Column to claim  i.e., No Religion and No caste who ever wants to opt for it.

              "Right to have Religion means equally  Not  to have any Religion also" - It was the interim order given by the justice in April, 2010 in response to our the writ petition filed by us   during the  joining of our younger daughter Sahaja into the school (in the light of Article-25 of our constitution). In a changing society let us respect all Identities properly. Already we are democratic  in the case of Third gender and Regional aspiration like Telangana in the recent past. Let us fight for the people who wants to be Non Religious and No caste also. Let us address and attend the emerging Identities in the society. Let us Identify people outside the Religion and Caste also. We request one and all to stand and support this democratic demand.                      

                Actually this is not new but ignored since centuries. We have the traditions of Chaarvaakas, Lokayats, Atheists, Humanists, Radical Humanists, Socialists, Communists.. etc., It is an ignored and neglected Identity. We humbly request all of you to support our cause. We submit that while saying all this We are alive to the practice of the caste inequalities and the need of Reservation Policy in our country. We are  not against mentioning the caste or religious identity for utilizing or availing reservations for the deserving people.

               Finally an appeal from our side is - You may be Religious or with any other faith that is not the matter, whether we can respect and up hold the democratic spirit or not is matters.. We humbly request each one of you and expect  to support us for this cause. We humbly request all the parties, peoples organisations to pass a resolution in support of our cause. We also request to make petitions in all the states of our country seeking one more option for “No religion, No Caste”. Let us achieve the dreams of all our great social reformers and revolutionaries who all dreamt for a society free of caste and creed prejudice. In the process it is a great moral boost to  our fight is the achievement of "No Religion No Caste " Certificate in 2019 February by Ms.M.A.Sneha an Advocate from Tirupattur, Tamilnadu . We are sure by giving an option both Online and Offline  for No Religion , No Caste  will pave a better way for future generations. Please Sign and Share our petition extensively.. Let us achieve this democratic aspiration which is denied for several  decades.

Thanking you all.. .

With Regards and All Best Wishes.. 

Parents of  Spandana and Sahaja -

D.V.Ramakrishna Rao ( @ Ramki ) and S.Clarance Krupalini

Update : My Friends Mr.S.A. David and Ms. Rupa are filed the Public Interest Litigation - WP PIL No. 31/2020 in Telangana High court asking No Religion No Caste Identity to their newly born  Baby Boy Ivan Rudae  .. That has come to the bench of High Court  , Justice Raghavendra Singh Chouhan and Justice Abhishek Reddy  on 27.04.2020 given the notices to Respondents  asked to respond and posted PIL after four weeks .. Advocates attending the PIL are - Mr.M.Venkanna and D.Suresh Kumar  ( Updated- on 28.04.2020) 

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          2. Please share to the needy and people presently facing such problem during the admission as well as leaving school, during census recording and where ever it is needed

            3. Please give us information if  any such option available in other states of our Country

           4.  Please give us information on such Exemplary Formats Worldwide where ever Nations given a Separate Option for Non Religious people 

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 Date:  Petition Re-opened on 8th October, 2018 

(This change dot org Petition started on 16th March,2017, Hyderabad)


0 have signed. Let’s get to 75,000!
At 75,000 signatures, this petition becomes one of the top signed on!