No Rate Rise for City Of Swan 2021

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Are you a rate payer in the City of Swan? Guess what - on the 1st of July 2020 the CoS will vote on an existing budget and that will include a rise to rates via an adopted 2020/21 GRV . 

Can you honestly afford another rate increase given the current economic circumstance? Can you see how the council can justify another rate rise given that the fact that property prices in the City of Swan area have decliend. Has your rent gone up in the last 12 months?

All the council needs to do is find $12m in savings and yet that seems like too hard work?

This petition has 4 drivers

1. You sign agreeing to oppose a rate increase for the upcoming budget
2. You sign to agree that the GRV for 20/21 should be that of 19/20 at 7.5c
3. You sign agreeing to approve an immediate investigation into a "find 12" strategy targeting a $12m saving.
4. You sign agreeing that an investigation into the City of Swan by the WALGA is required to work out why this council is failing its constituents and not saving money where it can be. 

Help us to make the City of Swan a lean council that runs on what is NEEDED, not what is simply fancy.