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No plea deals and max sentencing for Kyle Holland's death.

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I looked up at the stars, and I wondered what beauty is on the other side. Kyle is on the other side looking down at us, and he no longer needs braces to help him walk; he's running in heaven's playground.

Kyle was born with a disability in which both of his legs were turned inward, and he'd had surgery to remove an extra bone in his spine. Kyle sometimes wore braces on his legs to help with walking. This didn't slow Kyle down. On the last night of Kyle's life, Debby Holland, his mother, said she had put him to bed around 10:30 p.m. with a glass of chocolate milk and some cartoons on the t.v. This would be the last time that Kyle was to be seen alive by anyone. Debby Holland and her live in boyfriend, Earl Adkins, have denied hearing anything that night. Debby found Kyle at about 9:30 a.m. lying on the floor near his bedroom door.

Reports had been made to local authorities about the family's two dogs: a 35-pound black and white Labrador mix and a 90-pound husky and
German shepherd mix. The city was aware of the family having the hybrid wolf that was not permitted in city limits, and ownership was maintained. Official reports show that in November of 2010 that both dogs were involved in a bloody fight with another neighborhood dog. Animal Control officers had told the Adkins that wolf hybrids were not allowed in the state. He said he was leaving and heading to West Virginia, another state that won't allow them in. But despite that, the owner paid his fines and Animal Control gave the dog back.

Kyle was bitten on the head, face, neck, shoulder, chest, left leg and arms.
County medical examiner Carl Schmidt testified in a Lincoln Park
courtroom that part of one of Kyle Holland's thigh bones and much of
the soft tissue on the thigh were missing at the time of his autopsy. His chest cavity also was crushed and the boy had more than 80 puncture wounds."His
buttocks were gone to the point that his sacrum was gone, part of his
pelvis was gone, the right hip joint was only partially present,"
Schmidt said.

The dogs were said to be for security measures, but the dogs were not properly crated the night of Kyle's untimely death. Instead of the mother immediately seeking medical attention for her son, she helped her boyfriend get rid of marijuana plants that were in the home. Reports claim that when police arrived, Adkins had drugs in his car and on the property.

Kyle and Debby had only lived with Adkins for ten days. Kyle's mother, Debralynn C. Holland, 29, was charged with manslaughter under a "gross negligence theory." The maximum penalty for manslaughter is 15 years. Holland was also charged with second-degree child abuse for leaving Kyle in an unsafe home, and as an accessory after the fact for trying to get rid of marijuana plants and giving false information to police. Those charges carry maximum penalties of four and five years, respectively.

Holland's boyfriend, Earl Dwayne Adkins, 35, was charged with one count of dangerous animal death, which is treated similar to manslaughter. Adkins was also charged with possession with intent to deliver/manufacture marijuana after police discovered over a dozen plants in the basement of the home. Adkins faces 19 years in prison.

PLEASE- public service defenders- no plea deals! Isn't the evidence enough??? They said they heard NOTHING, but little Kyle's body was partially eaten. Give them every last minute of time on they're sentenced and eligible for. This won't replace Kyle, but justice needs to be served!

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