No plea bargaining for the Chicago 4!

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The attack on the mentally disabled male by 4 extremely violent black youths ("The Chicago 4") is offensive to all races and civilized people.

There is absolutely no reason that this torture session that was broadcast worldwide on Facebook should deserve any form of judicial prosecutorial leniency. They MUST be punished to the fullest extent of the law.

In December 2016, A Idaho high school student accepted a plea deal that will spare him a prison sentence for kicking a wire coat hanger into the rectum of a mentally disabled student.  Idaho prosecutors allowed John R. K. Howard to take a plea deal that will spare him prison time and keep him off the sex offender registry. We can NOT afford to allow that to happen again.

John Howard was sentenced to 300 hours of community service with two to three years of probation.

The assault, carried out in October 2015, was originally being treated as both racially motivated and a sex crime, because of claims he called the victim racist names like ‘watermelon’ and ‘n****r’. Prosecutors have now said they are not treating it as either. This is unacceptable!

There is belief that case gave the Chicago 4 the comfort level that they needed to commit this act of horrific violence. If the Chicago 4 get the same lenient treatment that John Howard got for violently raping a mentally challenged black youth with a coat hanger (causing huge massive injuries that has impacted this poor teenaged kid for life), the crimes like this will become the norm!

There was no petition or public pressure to sentence John Howard to a more appropriate time in STATE PRISON as Howard did not perform his crime to a worldwide audience on Facebook, thus it went largely ignored by media. We can not allow that error to happen again in the eventual sentencing of the gang of psychopaths known as the Chicago 4!

Chicago has become known as a the violence capitol of America (formerly this position was dishonorably held by New York City) and if the mayor meant it when he said "you're safe in Chicago," sign this petition to force Chicago to prove that statement right. If these monsters are given lax justice or a slap on the wrist for this horrific felony level crime that was broadcast worldwide, then it will send a message saying that Chicago doesn't protect its citizens or tourists.

People should avoid "The Windy City" until the Government publicly addresses this issue/petition.

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