No Plastic Mondays - A Plastic Free Day Every Month!

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Hi everyone! My name is Sasha Olsen. I’m 10 years old, so my cousin Narmina is helping me make this petition today! I started a movement this summer called iwantmyoceanback to help save our oceans and sea creatures from ocean pollution. I live in Miami, so I feel really strong about this because the ocean is my backyard! It hurts me to see our ocean suffering from all the plastic and trash people throw in there. For example, microplastics! They kill sea animals everyday, and I always see them all over our beaches. They usually come from broken single-use plastics, like straws or bottles. Maybe it started out as a small problem, but it’s just getting bigger and bigger. So, I decided we need to do something! 

We have to stop using plastic everyday. There are so many ways we can avoid it: We can use our reusable or paper bags instead of plastic. We can carry reusable cutlery, bottles, straws, and more around with us! We can buy glass instead of plastic, especially since it's so much easier to recycle. We can send emails and messages to companies to show them that making everything with plastic is not necessary. 

First, I think we should start with a plastic free day. Every first Monday of the month we should not use plastic. This is the perfect way to start our month! If we get in the habit of using less plastic, little by little the oceans will get better. Please sign this petition so that we can make this rule come to life. No Plastic Mondays!