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No Planned Roads -> Dolomite, Stone Chips trade with Bhutan -> Heavy Trucks -> Road Damaged -> Dust -> Air Pollution / Dust Pollution / -> Health Hazard / Less Public Transport / Student Dropouts / Accidents ->  Miserable / Pathetic Life  

We Need Permanent Solution to this Problems: As per us below are the only solution to this problems - 
Concrete Road (with capacity to handle 50-60 ton load) OR Build Tar Road but provide Alternate Route to these heavy trucks OR Build Tar Road but Banned the Heavy Trucks on these roads.

Birpara, being surrounded by several tea gardens, developed a strong economy during the nineties, but now with the failure of the tea gardens, there has been a rapid and a severe setback in the economy of the place. It is now much more dependent on trade with Bhutan. The town is also crippled by strikes and bands every now and then, not to mention the outcries of racial outfits. Still, the local economy is doing well, thanks to the entrepreneurship of a few locals, who has generated employment to local educated and uneducated people.

Birpara is a commercial market and connecting town for Bhutan and a hub for public from all major income sourced industry i.e. Tea Gardens (Singhania, Dalmore, Birpara, Hantupara, Dumchipara, Lankapara, Garganda, Ramjhora, Dheklapara, Sarugaon, Rahimpur,  Dangapara, Dimdima, Nangdala, Jaybirpara, Bandapani, Garochera, Bandapani, Makrapara Tea Garden). There are more then 18 tea garden situated surrounding Birpara and public are depended on this town for all their purchasing / commercial needs including food and groceries.

Now you can Imagine how many people lives in Birpara and surroundings and how many people visit Birpara daily for their various basic needs like Schooling, Medical, Grocery, Banking etc. This is also a junction to go out of the town.  

But due to Dolomite, Stone Chips trade with Bhutan, there are lot of over weighted trucks operates in these roads, which are not planned for that. As a result it is completely (100%) damaged and was not maintained since last 2-3 years. Because of the bad condition of the roads and heavy trucks on it, resulting dust pollution all over the town and surroundings. Dust kicked up by vehicles traveling on roads may make up 33% of air pollution and 95-97% public travels by bikes, bicycle, public transport so they are openly exposed to the dust pollution. This has become impossible due to the dust. The density of the dust in the air as such that it limits the visibility at 50 or less meter on the roads.

All major schools are in Birpara and a Students has to travel 5-12KM in this dusty road to go to school. This is also resulting student dropouts from the schools.  

Video & Content Leads: 

Do you consider us as Human? How can you all expect us to leave in such miserable conditions ? Why no action has been taken for this long period? We have 2 leading political parties (TMC & BJP) in our society and all party leaders also lives with us in the same area, so they are very well aware of the situations but why they are mum / inactive?

Exposure to the dust can lead to respiratory and cardiovascular diseases such as asthma, bronchitis, lung cancer and heart attacks. The Global Burden of Disease Study for 2010, published in 2013, had found that outdoor air pollution was the fifth-largest killer in India and around 620,000 early deaths occurred from air pollution-related diseases in 2010. Whatever condition we have at these area, a normal Human Life can not survive. 

Who would be responsible for such negligence or ignorance to our health and lives?   

Hence this is my Petition against/to the concern Authorities / Department responsible for Road, Health & Safety and Pollutions. Through this petition I claim / request you all to please look into the matter ASAP and provide us a good and healthy environment to live. I would also request you all to please visit and inspect the condition of the roads and localities for better insight.  

We Need Permanent Solution to this Problems: As per us below are the only solution to this problems -

We have three (3) and only options to our problems - 

1) Concrete Road (with capacity to handle 50-60 ton load). 

2) Build Quality Tar Road but provide Alternate Route to these heavy trucks

3) Build Quality Tar Road but banned the Heavy Trucks permanently on these roads.

Looking forward for your positive consideration and quickest action on this case. 

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