No Park On Punkintown

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Punkintown Rd is a quiet, dead end road in Douglas county Georgia. Large wooded tracts of land provide a tranquil and peaceful place where families live in quiet relief from the everyday stresses and the hustle and bustle of busy life. The hard work and sacrifices made to provide families with this opportunity are being threatened by a proposed "passive nature preserve" being built here. A passive nature preserve with a paved 50 car and bus parking lot for a wedding event pavilion, a beach and cabana area, trails, and a campground. All of this on a long and narrow piece of property that acts as a natural buffer between bordering neighborhoods on other roads. A tract of property that only has about 40' of actual road frontage on the dead end, and the rest of the 85 acres bordering on residents and the reservoir at the very back. Gone will be the quiet enjoyment that brought and kept families here. In its place will come traffic on a residential road, noise and pollution to the pristine wooded residential neighborhood. The dark nights will be interrupted by fluorescent lights around the buildings and parking lot. The secure seclusion of the neighborhoods surrounding the proposed park will be gone, as people in their wandering will trespass and infringe upon the property rights of the constituents the county is tasked with protecting their best interests. The county previously abandoned the area around the dead end of Punkintown Rd, when the unpredictable and flood prone Bear Creek washed away several bridges in the same area they now want to open to the public. A place where emergency response will be limited due to the terrain and the creek without extensive infrastructure which would in turn further destroy the natural beauty. They would bring a recreational beach setting to a natural place where the state protected red bellied snake are found, and encourage swimming where water moccasins are frequently seen and have even bitten pets. Those most affected by this proposal were given little to no input on it, and overlooked by their county commissioners and government. This petition is done in order to give them a voice to show Douglas County that we do not want, or need, another park built here. Our quality of life should mean more to them, and our opinions should be valued instead of looked upon with annoyance and disdain. We must stand firm and show them our solidarity on this issue.


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