No one's rights should be violated. He deserves a chance. Overturn Jacques' conviction!

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Jacques Shockley has been incarcerated since the age of 18 and is currently serving a Life sentence in Georgia State Prison. For the past six of the ten years he has been in Prison, he has spent his time in a High Max Cell of 24hour lockup only being released for one hour a day. In that single hour he has to shower, make phone calls, and try to somewhat socialize. Only because the prison believes that it is for "safety" in regards to several gangs throughout the prison. Oprah recently did a segment on 60 minutes focusing on Pelican Bay, a prison widely known for "The Shu," where inmates have been known to spend decades in solitary confinement, as some were said to have lost their sanity. Oprah said she believes the use of solitary confinement should be closely examined because of its significance on the mental health of prisoners.

Despite his confinement Jacques is very intelligent and proves to be an exemplary individual. Having just represented himself Pro Se for his very own State Habeas Corpus appeal, his mind remains strong. Jacques was wrongfully convicted of murder in 2009 when only one witness stated they saw him, yet they were unable to accurately depict timing when interviewed by police on two separate occasions. There is absolutely NO evidence in this case that would indicate Jacques' presence during this crime. No weapon, no fingerprints, etc other than the testimony of this one shaky and unreliable witness.

Jacques has been violated of his constitutional rights as well as many listed in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Some of those constitutional violations being his 8th amendment right which is no cruel & unusual punishment inflicted and his 5th amendment right being deprivation of life & liberty without due process of law.

He has participated in several episodes of Beyond Scared Straight on A&E network. With the most well known being season 7 episode 6 titled "Blood Orange." Jacques continues to use that platform to mentor younger generations on the consequences of poor decision making and has even assisted other inmates with literacy deficits throughout their own legal process.

Jacques deserves to have his constitutional rights honored and restored. We are seeking for his case to be overturned. As everyone deserves a fighting chance. Please consider the evidence in this case as it points to nothing obvious than a man who's rights have been violated as a result of an unfair justice system. Please Join me in signing this petition! Change begins with each of us.