Buses Need Belts

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We are grade eight students from Oscar Peterson Public School in Whitchurch-Stouffville and we are here to inform you about something that has been brought to our attention. We’ve noticed that throughout the past years, YRDSB school buses do not have seat belts which is an immense issue. We think that this is something that needs to be taken care of.

Each year there are about nineteen kids between the age of 5-7 who are killed due to there being no seat belts in buses. Transport Canada claims that the padding in the seat will absorb the impact of an accident, even though there have been many incidents where this has been proven false. When a bus rolls over, kids are thrown out of their seats. In some cases children have been thrown out a window causing life threatening injuries and possibly even death. The CBC video “Unbuckled seat belt safety”, states that out of 7 students who died from school bus crashes, 6 would have lived if seat belts were installed. The government argued that there was no significant cost benefit ratio to install seat belts. A school board in Texas found the cost to provide each student a seat belt to be around $25/child each year. We feel that this is an acceptable amount of money for our safety.

The number of deaths due to school bus crashes could easily be reduced if we place seat belts on buses. Kids know how to use seat belts in cars so why not on buses?

We hope that after hearing us out, you can help us raise awareness and affect change. We have created a seat belt the size of a school bus with the slogan “Save a life, Buses need belts” Please kindly let us know if you are willing to be part of this initiative and join us to take a picture.