No More Zoning Changes in Gilbert

No More Zoning Changes in Gilbert

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Stacia Ehlen started this petition

Developers are seeking approval to rezone a large parcel of land located on Power Road in between Warner and Elliot Roads to allow for large warehouses to be built next to homes. 

We DO NOT support this change and would like the Town of Gilbert General Plan to be upheld. 

Please sign our petition to show your DISAPPROVAL for the requested changes. 


"The Ranch" development being proposed on Power Road between Elliot and Warner. By signing this petition, you're acknowledging that you oppose it for the following reasons:
Abandons the Morrison Ranch plan that the developer and Gilbert have promised for decades.

Industrial zoning is a small part of current zoning but this make almost everything industrial.

This would be the largest industrial park in Gilbert right next to single family homes.

The buildings would be massive and overshadowing the homes. Setbacks and color schemes won't fix anything.

Don't want buildings up to 65 tall next to homes where current height limits are 35 or 45 feet. This will create an unbroken visual wall from many locations.

Don't want 1,000+ loading docks for industrial trucks and semi-trucks right next to our homes. Noises, smells, and sights.

Traffic will be horrible. Developing under existing zoning would also mean a lot of new trips in this area, but that would be from regular cars during normal hours instead of from industrial trucks at all hours.

Less Services: If it is all industrial we will not get the stores, restaurants, professional offices, or other uses the neighborhood needs.

The developers can develop this as currently zoned. Compatible uses have been or are being built in neighboring areas. The owners have just chosen to keep using this as farmland and waiting for a quick sale of the whole area.

Developers are just looking to maximize their money by squeezing as many warehouses in as possible with no concessions or compromises.

This proposed change is not an improvement and is not consistent with the developer's master plan or Gilbert's general plan for Morrison Ranch. 

0 have signed. Let’s get to 2,500!
At 2,500 signatures, this petition is more likely to get picked up by local news!