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No More Vacation Rentals in Puko'o

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Transient or Short Term Vacation Rental Homes (STRH) are quickly multiplying in Puko'o, with no sign of slowing down. With every short term rental home that is approved the quality of our rural, agricultural, subsistence community is being destroyed and replaced with a luxury resort style community only attainable to the rich. 

Most if not all properties in Puko'o are zoned Rural/Agricultural. the principal intended uses of Ag zoned lands are agriculture, farming, and preservation. As full time residents we fish, we hunt, and we farm as a way of life. We endure the high cost of living. We live here because we want to embody, perpetuate, and protect the rural, subsistence, agriculture lifestyle. Short Term Rental Home owners buy here because they see the opportunity to sell that lifestyle. Not only is our municipal code being exploited, our lifestyle, culture, and the unique features of our rural community are being exploited as well and used as marketing tool to advertise and sell STRH’s which in turn diminishes the integrity and quality of community in Puko'o as well as the availability and affordability of long term housing for average income local residents. 

Because of its prime oceanfront or easy ocean access quality, Puko'o is extremely vulnerable to exploitation by the STRH industry and it's practice of commercializing residential properties for the sake of profit. 

Sign this petition to support community efforts urging the Molokai Planning Commission and Maui Planning Department to defer the approval and permitting of STRH (short term rental homes) in Puko'o until both of the following criteria are met.

1: Limits and restrictions have been set that will protect Puko'o from the over saturation of these STRH developments and businesses, ensuring that the rural, agricultural, and subsistence qualities of the Puko'o area are in no way compromised. 

2: The updated Molokai Plan is approved and put into effect.


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