No more RAPE scenes in Thai Soap Operas (ละคร)!

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Thai soap operas (ละคร) have been using rape scenes to make their storyline interesting. Romantizing rape scenes, such as the main character(พระเอก) rape the girl(นางเอก) and she(นางเอก) eventually falls in love with him(พระเอก). Another famous plot is using rape as a revenge, it shows the audience that rape is acceptable and using rape against a bad character(นางร้าย) in the play is not wrong and it's fine. As if just because a person have a bad personality or attitude, she deserves to get raped, NO ONE deserves to get rape. Many thai producers said that they know its wrong, but if it makes the story more interesting, they'll keep it. We live in a society where scenes such as "slap-kiss" gets high ratings, a society that when a male forces himself on a girl is romantic. In a poll of more than 2,000 youths conducted by Thailand’s Assumption University in 2008, more than 20 per cent of 13-19 year olds said rape scenes were their favorite part of TV shows. Do you want your kids to grow up watching these thai soap operas and think that rape is okay or even worse romantic? Why are we in a society where we report rape crimes in the morning and making rape acceptable and as an entertainment at night? We need to stop this and TAKE ACTION against thai soap operas and ban rape scenes!

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