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No more plastic toothbrushes, we need more options!

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Get Progressive/Foodstuffs (owners of Countdown, New World, Pak N Save, FourSquare) to start selling biodegradable or non-plastic options for toothbrushes, and dishbrushes. These exist cheaply (bamboo versions of both are readily available online but are expensive) and Progressive/Foodstuffs should be offering these in their stores.


Disposable plastics are the greatest source of plastic pollution. Plastic bags, straws, bottles, utensils, lids, cups and so many others offer a small convenience but remain forever. Toothbrushes made out of plastic, persist in landfills or are eventually washed into the waterways and the ocean. In the ocean, plastics either remain in whole pieces or are broken down into tiny pellets. Ocean currents and storms carry these plastic items far out to sea or where they accumulate in gyres (large areas with water moving in a vortex pattern) like the Great Pacific Garbage Patch (see or even wash up on remote islands. Tiny filter-feeding animals often ingest the plastic pellets. Larger animals, such as sea turtles and sea birds, mistake the larger plastic pieces for food, or prey on these smaller animals so that the plastic particles travel up the food chain.
See for more.

Non-plastic bamboo or other wooden choices are available for toothbrushes and dish brushes and are sustainable, compostable, biodegradable and will not continue to contribute to the real issue of plastics overtaking our oceans, and slowly suffocating marine life, and eventually us.
Wherever you stand on the issue of climate change, no one should be in denial about the damage we are doing to our world with deforestation, over-population and by poisoning our rivers and oceans with rubbish. From the beaches of Hawaii to the seas around Britain, to New Zealand, we are soiling our own nest.

Get Progressive and Foodstuff to sell sustainable toothbrushes and dishbrushes made out of wood/bamboo, please sign this petition.


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