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A house is not a home without a pet.

Pets enrich people's lives. They brighten up bad days. They deserve good homes and unfortunately do not always get them because of no pet policies in many buildings throughout the city of Winnipeg. I live in a building managed by the Smith Agency. One day I received a letter stating "get rid of your cat [as if she were garbage] or we're going to evict you." So I had to send her to my mom's. That was five months ago, and let me just say, not having a cat has made my life miserable. I was diagnosed with depression and the cat was helping me. The Smith Agency wouldn't even take a doctor's note.  It's pathetic and sad to me how the agency doesn't seem to care about the well-being of their tenants.  It's a terrible feeling.  I can't stand not having my sweetie anymore (that's her in the sink). I do not want to move because I am on social assistance and cannot afford the costs associated with moving and I LOVE my apartment. My apartment is also affordable, decent-sized, and in a great area of the city. A cat would make this living arrangement perfect. I firmly believe that rental agencies would get better business from new tenants if they allowed pets. The no pet policy is about as silly as a no human baby policy. It's time to drop this archaic policy once and for all or else the Smith Agency is going to lose a REALLY good tenant who pays her rent on time to something that could easily be arranged due to their arrogance and stupidity! So please sign! It'd be much appreciated!

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