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Monsanto is an agricultural biotech company who produces insecticides such as Roundup to kill weeds and a leading producer of genetically modified crops. These individuals are lobbiests for their companies, past and present, with the power to manipulate the heath of the American people. These people include: Hilliary Clinton, Islam Siddiqui, Michael Taylor, Toby Moffett, Margaret Miller, Marcia Hale, Lidia Waturd, Carol Tucker-Foreman and Linda Fisher. These individual's conflicts of interst have no place to set legislation concerning the unknown factors of genetically modified crops and pesticides on insects, animal life, water supply and people, because it may prove deadly unless individuals are unclouded by conflicting interests. All these individuals must step down to ensure the facts are displayed about Monsanto and not a convenient truth from the mouth of the company.

Letter to
The Moffett Group: Lobbyist Toby Moffett
EPA Lidia Waturd
Vice president of DuPont Safety, Health & Environment and chief sustainability office Linda Fisher.
and 6 others
Science Advisory Board to NCTR Margaret Miller
Deputy Commissioner for Foods Michael Taylor
Office of the United States Trade Representative 600 17th Street NW Washington, DC 20508 USA Islam Siddiqui
America’s Future Educational Fund 1301 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW Suite 350 Washington, DC 20004 Marcia Hale
Food Policy Institute, Consumer Federation of America Carol Tucker-Foreman
Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton
I just signed the following petition addressed to: Monsanto Employees, Past and Present

Step down from your positions and admit your conflicting interests between the American people's health and multi-billion-dollar-biotech-companies interests.

How dare you take your power and manipulate for your own short gains, especially with a technology not throughly tested and already proving problems for small farmers. Your toxins poison the earth where food grows, contaminate water supply, make farmers dependent on your product to the point of bankruptcy and have unknown effects because of your lack of interest in through testing through outside studies.

We know you have a conflict of interest and the longer you stay in your throne of power the louder the public's voices will become. Step down admit your conflict of interest. This is the only responsible political move.


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