No more Japanese products for me until Japan ends all whaling

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For the past three decades, Japan has brazenly killed whales in the name of “research”. But many of us have always known that science was not the reason driving the slaughter. This was confirmed by Japan’s decision last year to withdraw from the International Whaling Commission so that they can resume commercial whaling. Although they will only be whaling in Japan’s own economic zone and not in the southern ocean sanctuary, this means nothing to migrating whales who do not understand borders.

Let’s be clear - Killing a whale is a slow, cruel, painful and bloody practice that is totally unnecessary in the modern world. The whale meat industry only survives because of Japanese Government subsidies. Without government welfare, this barbaric industry would not survive. So I ask the Japanese Government, why are they pumping an estimated US$57 million this year into an unnecessary industry that most of the world finds repulsive?

There has been petition after petition and campaign after campaign to shut Japan’s whaling down. But they refuse to listen. So I’m asking people to sign this petition and by doing so, also pledge that they will avoid buying any Japanese products wherever possible. If the Japanese Government is prepared to waste US$57 million on this aberration known as “whaling”, let’s show them just how much it could cost their economy.  

Take the pledge – No more Japanese products for me until Japan ends all whaling.