No more explosions at PES Refinery!

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At 4 o'clock in the morning on Friday, June 21, an explosion rocked South Philadelphia -- and was felt as far away as New Jersey and Delaware county. It was the second time in two weeks that Philadelphia Energy Solutions has had a dangerous accident, and we can't afford to wait around for a third.

Philadelphia Energy Solutions is the largest single source of pollution in Philadelphia, and the largest fossil fuel refinery on the east coast. The company has been in continuous violation of the Clean Air Act for nine of the last 12 quarters. It is unacceptable that Philadelphia residents had to wake up in the middle of the night, fearing for their lives from an explosion at PES. In addition to the everyday effects of air pollution on asthma, heart disease, and cancer, this explosion occurred near a vast storage facility for the extremely toxic hydrogen fluoride gas, which has the potential to trigger a city-wide evacuation.

Fortunately, we know what the solution is:

Philadelphia City Council and Mayor Jim Kenney must commission and fund a public study to transition the PES oil refinery to restored public land and community-owned energy projects.

Air Management Services and the Environmental Protection Agency must use the strongest possible enforcement action, including fines going toward neighborhood projefts and PES covering medical bills for hospital visits. They must not renew PES' Title V Air permit in July, and they must hold a public meeting with all agencies, coordinated through Philly Thrive and accessible to the entire affected community, to report on toxic releases and enforcement actions.