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No more "Drill, Baby, Drill!"

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Enough is enough!

We, the people have had enough of environmental destruction. The gulf oil spill is the tipping point of your greed, of your corporatism that only welcomes short term financial gain and puts profit over people.

We've had enough of killing marine life with unknown repercussions on our Nature, we've had enough of contamination of our fresh water supplies, we've had enough of oil spills and hydraulic fracturing or “fracking” for natural gas that only endanger our health, the well being of our Mother Earth and the future of our children.

We want you, as our government, as a body of representation of the people of the United States, to invest billions into alternative and sustainable energy. We ask you to approve a budget that makes environmental, safe and renewable energy sources like solar and biofuel from organically grown hemp, a reality NOW, enough to power America and eliminate oil, fossil fuel dependency once and for all. No more delaying.

No more oil monopoly, no more fossil fuel! 
No more waiting, technologies and safe alternatives like the ones mentioned above do exist and do work effectively. We want every vehicle and every home to be powered by these energy sources and we want that to be mandatory!

NO MORE "Drill, Baby, Drill!", no more deaths, no more killing.

Thank you.

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Tell our Government: We've had enough! NO MORE "Drill, Baby, Drill!", no more deaths, no more killing.

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