No more Comic Sans MS font

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Why should we forbid and ban this font forever ?

Not just because this font is limp and flabby but also because it is an extreme offence and a pain to the eyeballs. Even if I’d rather go blind than seeing this visual assault I don’t want everybody to have to go to the ophthalmologist for glaucoma, early cataracts or brain leaks.
It will also be a huge economy for the social security system and finally our taxes. Prohibit Comic sans MS to save money...? THAT is the future!

More reliable reasons ?
This font has in-equals spacing between letters which cause brain diseases.
It discredits every official publication such as vatican stuffs.
As it is still being a default font on Windows it’s too often used by non-graphist designers who pretend themselves to be.
I had to put another line to say this font is too much used everywhere and each time you use it you kill a sweet little kitty.The author done it in purpose because he was malevolent.
I hope you'll follow me in this crusade against the Comic sans MS evil font...
Join to release kitten, for a better economy and real futur for your children!

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