No Manipulating Puerto Ricans into Abusive Fishing Work


No Manipulating Puerto Ricans into Abusive Fishing Work

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Tiffany Young started this petition to WESTWARD SEAFOODS and

In a few weeks, on Sept. 2 and 3, Westward Seafoods will occupy the Hilton DoubleTree San Juan hotel to recruit Puerto Rican workers for a brutally abusive role in a remote Alaskan island, far from the watchful eyes of the law or the outside world.

The Puerto Rican workers will kill, skin, gut, slice, behead, and stuff fish into frozen containers.

The job notice makes it very clear that they will work a minimum of 12 hours a day, 7 days a week during the whole time they are on the island.

Please read those words again: 12 hours a day. 7 days a week. Minimum.

This is the minimum, because when lots of fish come through…

The employees have to work 18-HOUR SHIFTS…BACK TO BACK…EVERY SINGLE DAY.

Sometimes for more than a WEEK…and as much as THREE WEEKS!

If any workers are late or miss a few shifts, they get fired on the spot…and Westward Seafoods will NOT pay their plane ticket off the island. So if a worker gets fired, they must suddenly pay their ownplane fare to Anchorage, then to Seattle, and then home.

It’s 800 miles to Anchorage. The entire plane trip to home, can cost over $1,000.

For this reason, employees are terrified of getting fired at Westward Seafoods.

Men and women are working inhuman hours, falling asleep on their feet, risking their lives on the fish-cutting machines.

They can lose a finger…a hand…a whole arm…and the nearest hospital is 800 miles away, in Anchorage, Alaska.

Demand that this recruitment event NOT take place!!!

After 118 years as a US colony and 99 years as US citizens, after fighting and dying in every US war since World War I, Puerto Ricans are still being railroaded and treated as second-class citizens.

They've had their land stolen, their currency devalued, a Jones Act for 96 years, their leaders imprisoned and killed, 100,000 carpetas, Gag Laws, predatory loans, and a Financial Control Board.

And now – with the economy on its knees, people desperate for work, and the threat of a $4.25 minimum wage – Puerto Rican young people are offered a one-way ticket to Alaska…

Puerto Ricans shouldn't be manipulated into accepting a DANGEROUS, life-threatening lifestyle on a bitter cold, remote Alaskan island with the nearest hospital 800 miles away.

NO recruiting for this violent work!


This petition made change with 17 supporters!