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Imagina que eres una de las 200 personas invidentes y sordas que deben llegar hasta el edificio de la ONCE desde el metro de Chueca cada día. ¿Cómo realizarías este trayecto?

Los 77.000 miembros de la ONCE utilizan los caminos habilitados para invidentes. Es su zona segura para llegar desde un punto hasta otro. Casi todas las personas que utilizan este camino desde el metro de Chueca y la ONCE están aún aprendiendo a moverse por la ciudad y dependen de estos caminos especialmente habilitados para llegar a su destino. Dichos caminos deberían ser zonas seguras y excluidas de coches, camiones y cualquier otro objeto que pueda impedir la libre circulación de estas personas.

Desafortunadamente, estos caminos están siendo bloqueados todos los días por camiones de reparto mientras aparcan, cargan, descargan, etc etc. Es precisamente cuando estos vehículos dan marcha atrás que se producen las situaciones más peligrosas para los invidentes creando momentos realmente peligrosos.

He visto tantas situaciones peligrosas que he comenzado a grabar algunas situaciones y estoy intentando poner remedio antes de que suceda una desgracia. Además pedir una investigación policial al respecto, contactar con las empresas que crean estas situaciones, y advertir a la ONCE, también he creado un grupo de Facebook para advertir e informar de la situación: “Chueca Trucks” donde ya somos 500 personas.

Estas personas deben ser protegidas antes de que ocurra una desgracia y la ley debe cambiar:

Los caminos y zonas de paso deben ser debidamente señalizadas y se debe endurecer la ley si se obstruyen dichos caminos y zonas de paso.

Ayúdame firmando la petición y uniéndote al grupo de facebook “Chueca Trucks”


Imagine you are one of the 200 blind and deaf  people that have to get to ONCE everyday .How do these people find their way to the Spanish headquarters of the blind association you might ask.

Well, all 77,000 members use paths which are allocated solely for the visually impaired . It’s their safe zone which leads them to and from their destination . Most that use the path between Chueca Metro and ONCE are in training and inexperienced walking through public areas so they rely totally on these paths . 

 In these zones the blind SHOULD be SAFE  from cars, trucks and any other  life threatening obstructions, along with paths leading up to zebra crossings  too.  

Paths  and crossings for the blind are being blocked everyday, all day by trucks unloading , parking and reversing . The reversing is what makes this such a DAILY LIFE THREATENING SITUATION . No one assisting drivers back and no reverse beepers on most trucks either . 

I felt so passionate after watching so many near misses of  fatal accidents occurring that I started videoing from my apartment .

 I wrote to the truck companies complaining about their  drivers .

I started a public Facebook group called ‘Chueca Trucks’ with nearly 500 members .

I started an official police investigation. 

Alerted ONCE and CERMI . 

After receiving no help from either association I decided to protect these people myself. 

I started a petition. In 3 days over 100 signatures after the 5 th day 230 signatures. All from people who use this pedestrian area everyday . 

I stand outside every morning stopping trucks parking on the blind path .  I refuse to move, even when they try to run me off the pavement and shout at me. I am threatened on a daily basis but I just ask them to call the police knowing they cannot move me . But just me!!!! It’s getting dangerous and as citizen of Spain I feel not just Me has a responsibility towards protecting our blind and deaf . 



I want a change in the law to make ,

All blind paths more visible to the the general public by changing the color .

To have clear traffic signposts that shows these areas are allocated for the blind .

To raise the  penalty for obstructing these zones .

I truly believe that prevention is better than cure . The police are over worked and cannot give a ticket every 10 minutes all  day long . Raising the penalty for parking on these  NO GO zones would act as a deterrent . Also many drivers do not know it’s a blind path because it’s not visible enough . It just looks like a decoration on the pavement unless you are educated or have a blind friend or relative. LET US NOT FORGET THESE AREAS ARE ONLY FOR PEDESTRIANS TOO. 

I have certainly raised awareness and support in my neighborhood , now I  need the support of you guys .  

PLEASE VISIT MY MY FACEBOOK  GROUP Chueca Trucks and CLICK on Chueca Trucks link .  All video evidence are DISASTERS WAITING TO HAPPEN!!! ITS SHOCKING.


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