No Justice It's Just Us

No Justice It's Just Us

March 5, 2022
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Started by emanuel jones

Scroll to the very bottom of this page for information on how to contact individuals on my behalf. 

For those like me who want people to get straight to the point here it goes. One of my co-defendant killed somebody. Though I did not kill the victim I was charged with my co-defendant action. He received 4 years for the murder but I got a life sentence. Now if you are curious how this came about. 

In the last decade plus I have worked tirelessly to become a better person. I obtained my G.E.D., Paralegal license, Business & Corporate Law Diploma. I have written several books including my autobiography. I have taken numerous behavior modification classes/programs. Classes/programs that helped me to face and overcome alcohol and marijuana addictions, how to recognize and abstain from unhealthy relationships, and to weigh potential consequences before I make decisions. In 2019 I obtained my Serv Safe managers training certification. In March of 2020 I was excepted into a college program implemented by the Governor, The Honorable Bill Lee, through TCAT Ripley College. I am currently enrolled and training to become a computer technician. All of the inspiration, education, and tools I have been blessed to receive through out the years compelled me to reach back and mentor others; which I have been doing the last 15 plus years. For the last 18 years I have been incarcerated serving a life sentence for a murder I did not commit.

Here are the details that led up to my incarceration.

On September 9,2003 I was arrested in Greenville Ms and extradited to Memphis Tn. In route I told the officers I did not want to make a statement. That was ignored and I was taken to be interrogated by 2 detectives. One was name Sgt. Miller and the other Sgt. Berryman. Miller never said a word he just stood in the corner and stared at me. Berryman did the threatening. I repeatedly asked to use the phone. I was denied. Berryman said if I did not make a statement the other people they had already arrested would go free. I made a statement but Berryman said it was not good enough. I went back and forth with him for close to 2 hours until almost midnight. Finally I realized I was not leaving until I made another statement. After I did the two men walked out and I could hear them laughing on the other side of the door. I was incarcerated 6 months before they found a way to indict me. They had no physical evidence against me so they lied to the grand jury to get the indictment.

(Please allow me to explain what they lied to the grand jury about)

I did not learn about this lie until 2014 it will be explained at the very end.

On or sometime between June 27-30, 2003 police found the victim deceased in his home. Afterwards they begin monitoring his finances. His credit card was being used so they followed the transactions which led them to 'Jane and John Doe'. On July 2, 2003 police went to their home and searched it. Inside they found ALL of the victim 's stolen property. Later a police report was generated that listed the stolen items seized, who was in the house etc. My name was not mentioned in the report because I was not there. I was in Greenville Ms. Now back to my story.

The state presented a deceptive indictment to the grand jury. It listed the stolen items they found on July 2,2003. However they listed my name on the indictment along with the people they seized the items from LYING to the grand jury saying they got the items from 'us'. Obviously they did not show them the police report. I took my case to trial. One of my co defendants/John Doe's friend that he grew up with testified against me. She stated on July 4, 2003 I was with her in Memphis TN confessing to her that I had robbed the victim. She also testified that she never saw me go to the victim' s house, leaving his house or with any of the stolen items. According to her testimony the only one that she saw with the victim's property was John doe. I told my lawyer that I was in Greenville Ms on July 4, 2003 with several people. My lawyer refused to call witnesses on my behalf.
A medical examiner testified that nothing I was accused of doing (things I was threatened into saying in the 2nd statement I made) caused the victim's death. Nevertheless prosecutors told jurors though I did not take the victim's life I did participate in the robbery ( that came from the statement I was threatened into making) they could charge me with Criminal Responsibility. I was sentenced to life for the victim's death & 23 years for the robbery. I went to trial first and was sentenced for my co-defendant's actions before he was. John Doe later pled guilty to taking the victim's life.

There was a lot of evidence in this case. Fingerprints were found at the scene, people were seen on video using the victim's credit cards after he was deceased, and all of his property was found inside these same peoples house. The only thing the state has every presented against me is a lying witness and a coerced statement. Yet I am the only one that was sentenced to life in prison.

John Doe was sentenced to 4 years for murder and 16 years for the robbery. He was released from prison almost 4 years ago. Before he committed this crime he had just served time for attempted 2nd degree murder and aggravated robbery.

After my trial I had a post conviction hearing. Some of the people that I was with on July 4, 2003 in Greenville Ms ( the same day the state's witness lied at my trial like I was with her in Memphis TN) contacted my attorney and showed up at the hearing. My attorney told me there would be a continuation of my hearing and my witness could later testify. It was not continued. I later found out he lied to avoid presenting my witnesses.

In 2014 I found out for the first time that the state lied to get me indicted. Soon as I found out I filed a State Habeas. In 2016, I went to court and was granted a hearing. But it was a no win situation. Attorney Glen Wright represented one of my co-defendants at trial in 2005 ( the one who pled guilty to taking the victim' s life). By the time I went to court in 2016 Glen Wright had become a judge. And he was the judge that conducted my hearing. That was a clear conflict of interest. Though I had a air tight case against the state he denied my appeal.
The appeal not only mentioned the lie the state told the grand jury, but also documentation proving no judge had signed off on the warrant for my arrest, and other violations. The parole board released the person that took the victim' s life almost 4 years ago. I am currently incarcerated under what the state calls criminal responsibility.

I filed for clemency but so far have not gotten a hearing. If you are reading this know I am reaching out to the community. So far there has been no its just us. To voice any concern as to why the parole board released the person that took the victim' s life in my case, but so far has not granted me a hearing you can e-mail or call them. Here is some of their information:

This is where I can be reached and Thanks in advance

Latisha Jones#325241
po box 1150 11-A -20
Henning Tn 38041

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