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TRANSPARENCY CHALLENGE and Vaccine Confidence - Australian Government and Decision Makers.

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We, the undersigned, regardless of our personal stance on vaccination, do not believe that any leader or decision-maker, in control of their full intellectual capacity and understanding, could read, nor have they read, all recent submissions made to parliament; including anecdotal, legal and scientific research, and subsequently agree to passing the No Jab No Pay law with full confidence.

Furthermore, those individuals as listed below, once fully compliant with this demand, will then be required to provide proof that they have not been affected in any way, with adverse events, vaccine injury or death.

Notwithstanding the outright dismissal of :

  • Article 18 in the Australian Constitution (coercion and bribery are illegal), and the confidentiality of an individual's health records is no longer considered.
  • Coercion and bribery taking place by removing Family Tax A - with end of year payment ending for ALL parents in 2017 whether they are vaccinated or not (Report here).
  • Lack of privacy and open disclosure now extends to adults as well as children
  • Documented research effects proving link between vaccination and chronic neurological damage to seniors along with Indigenous (See here) and armed service personnel (See here).

- We believe the No Jab Law is a breach of Constitutional regulations, thereby illegal so should be held null and void - at least until such a time that the decision-makers prove to us the efficacy and safety of 100%, and subsequently change the Constitution.


We the undersigned challenge the decision makers and stakeholders - namely the following (including all family members):

  • All Government representatives and leaders 
  • All Education leaders (principals) refusing enrolment of non vaccinated
  • All Child Care leaders refusing enrolment of non vaccinated
  • All Media representatives - entire Murdoch family, TV, radio, magazine, newspaper publishers, editors, journalists
  • All doctors and pharmacists
  • All oncology staff and child health staff
  • All pharmaceutical researchers and scientists from vaccine manufacturing companies
  • As representatives of the Australian public, the entire Royal family

- bearing in mind all following references, to undertake the following with full transparency :

  • Full catch-up vaccination, based upon dosage according to individual bodyweight - approximately 10 x infant dosage of every scheduled vaccination on the Australian Immunisation Register for adults.
  • All vaccinations documented on film for physical proof.

We also challenge all listed above to compulsorily read and note the following references, in full -

  • Paralegal Maureen Hickman's research contained in 'Vaccination, The Right Choice?' found here
  • Indigenous deaths and gene mutations according to Dr Archie Kalokerinos' research in Every Second Child.
  • Every Australian Immunisation Schedule full practitioner package insert - these should also be available to every individual prior to all vaccinations at least one week before administration of any vaccination so that all agreeing parents and individuals are compliant with facts and notice signed and witnessed to accept ALL facts have been disclosed in full.

As our leaders so openly and wholeheartedly support vaccinations, catch up vaccinations and ultimately blanket compulsory vaccinations, we demand to be led by example, with full transparency by all involved, without protection from liability. Once this is shown publicly via all media outlets to be effective, then we will agree to discuss the demands.

Until this time -

  • Media will refrain from constant vaccination propaganda headlines and stories.
  • Print media will publish IN FULL, all practitioner-provided vaccine package insert details of possible side effects and ingredients - full transparency, clear enough for any parent to read, regardless of level of education.
  • Family Payments and Child Care Benefits will remain as they are.
  • School enrolments and registrations, and Child Care placements will remain as they are.
  • No-Vax Childcare centres be free to open with full support offered to existing centres - and remain legal and unpunished ongoing.
  • All vaccines given from this point be done so with a signed certificate from all administrators of every vaccine AND with a doctor's signature as witnessed at the time of vaccination - advising that parent has been provided with full practitioner package insert documentation.
  • All vaccine ingredients - hidden and documented, MUST be advised and LABELLED. As there is some proof in existence that mercury, aluminium, aborted fœtal cell lines, peanut oil and such ingredients are not being advised or labelled, transparency must begin immediately.

- All without hindrance or punishment. Furthermore, active social media infiltrators and agitators now targeting bereaved families, practitioners and others who do not conform to the No Jab No Pay rules will be considered to be breaking the law and must remain inactive until such a time that this is completed.

If in the event the outcome lies in the favour of the new No Jab law and every individual as listed above is fully vaccinated without adverse effects, in the (purported) rare incidence of vaccine injury for members of the public, records will be made public and both manufacturing companies/doctors and the Government will accept full liability.

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