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No Hate

In December 17, 2010 I was on FLIGHT from LAX to JFK when Flight Attendant attempted to joke with me -- unbeknownst that I am gay -- and used the words "FAG" & "FAGGOT" & "QUEER."

Since that time, I have asked and for an apology. After more than nine months, I was informed by a letter from insurance group that "after investigation, we have determined the homophobic event you described did not occur."

I had no choice but to sue Airlines in New York Small Claims court for the cost of the flight along with two round-trip First Class tickets and an apology. The money and the tickets I will donate to THE TREVOR PROJECT - a suicide hotline for LGBTQ youth.

Small Claims Court cannot compel an apology - but I believe it is an imperative step in righting this wrong. Hate speech is unacceptable anywhere and in any circumstance.

For a fare-paying customer, it is unprofessional, intimidating and unsafe to be subjected to such bigoted and abusive behavior from an airline employee whose primary responsibility is to insure the safety of its passengers.

Don't you think it's time to apologize (FINALLY!) Airlines and?! I do.

- Brad Lamm

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  • United Airline's & Homophobic Flight Attendant Veronica Lawrence

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