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Change to the city's General Plan should not be undertaken lightly.

Changing the zoning to high-density while ignoring or discounting the adverse impacts to the surrounding neighborhood is irresponsible and not the "smart growth" that we voted for.

Sign this petition and send a message to the City Council that we expect greater consideration for General Plan changes and more concern for the health of our existing neighborhoods.  

Negative impacts of the project far outweigh any potential benefits to the city and its residents. 

Negative impacts include:

·        Increased traffic congestion to major intersections and surrounding residential streets, adversely affecting safety, health, and quality of life.

·        Safety concerns for the little league park, McDowell Elementary School and Tiny Tots Pre-School.

·        Environmental concerns for air quality and the East Washington Creek, currently being restored by the County of Sonoma.

·        Loss of nearby access to professional services and local businesses resulting from the demolition of existing office space.


Letter to
Vice Mayor, Petaluma City Council Chris Albertson
Petaluma City Council Member Teresa Barrett
Mayor David Glass
and 4 others
Petaluma City Council Member Mike Harris
Petaluma City Council Member Mike Healey
Petaluma City Council Member Gabe Kearney
Petaluma City Council Member Kathy Miller
We residents of Petaluma petition the City Council to reject the amendment to the General Plan, zoning change for 35 Maria Drive and the proposal for a high density, three-story apartment complex.

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