No gas station on White Oak Lane

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Dear Mayor, Council, and Planning Commission:

We are writing to request that you do not re-zone the development at White Oak Lane to permit Rotten Robbie to install a gas station in the middle of a residential area. We are very concerned about the environmental impact to the ground water and air supply of surrounding homes and also the added noise and light. And it will significantly change the neighborhood character and quality. 

We also do not need another gas station there. There are at least three other gas stations on El Camino and Lawrence Expressway within a mile of that location.

Gas stations are typically located near, but not in the middle of a residential area for good reasons:

1. Toxic ground/groundwater contamination

2. Toxic fumes (1 & 2 which lead to increased risk of cancer and other health issues for nearby residents)

3. Noise / light pollution (Rotten Robbie is known for having loud tv commercials running while you're pumping. Since this is a 24/7 station that is a major problem for nearby residents).

4. Risk of explosion. The prior building set on fire due to a reckless car running into it. People drive horribly in that intersection. It is just a matter of time until it happens again, but with a gas station this time, people living in the surrounding areas (particularly the apartments across the street) will also get caught in it.

5. This happens to be located at an intersection that is already extremely dangerous since there is a blind turn and no stop sign. Since people cut through gas stations to avoid waiting for red lights, this will just add to the traffic accidents in the area.

6. On top of all that, this one wants to do liquor sales. We've already had problems with the customers of the prior liquor store throwing glass bottles and leaving shards all over our lawns, not to mention increased related criminal activity.

This proposal is a great concern to the health and safety of the residents in our neighborhood. We appreciate your attention to this matter.

Thank you!

Residents of the neighborhood around White Oak Lane

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