NO Fort Carson live-fire training during high fire danger/red flag days.

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Randi Hitchcock
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At 10am, March 16th, yet another fire broke out on Fort Carson due to live-fire rounds. Due to high winds, a small grass fire spread over 3,000+ acres into Midway Ranches, threatening families, homes, businesses, and livestock. At 2pm Friday, 69 homes have been evacuated (as of 6:30pm Friday, 250 homes evacuated), and multiple homes and buildings have been lost already due to the fire in just a few short hours.

A “Red Flag Warning” is a forecast warning issued by the National Weather Service to inform area firefighting and land use management agencies that conditions are ideal for wildland fire ignition and propagation.

It is irresponsible and unsafe for Fort Carson to execute live-fire rounds (or other exercises that can cause sparks) when there is a high fire warning/red flag days in the area. The mix of high winds can create favorable conditions for the fires to spread to neighborhoods to the east, west, south, and potentially to the north and into Colorado Springs. We all understand training is necessary but we ask them to consider options to help prevent future fires. 

This is a community near and dear to me. I grew up on a farm just east of the highway, which my parents still own and were on alert to evacuate from.

I ask the Fort Carson Division Commander, as well as Mayor John Suthers, County Commissioner Longinos Gonzalez Jr, Governor John Hickenlooper and COL Ronald P. Fitch Jr. to put an end to live-fire rounds during high fire danger/red flag days. Please think of your residents, farmers, ranchers, schools, and communities that reside around the base. Thank you.

Recent Fires on Fort Carson:

-Sept 19, 2017, training related, 200 acres, RED FLAG DAY:

-Oct 16, 2017, training related, acres unknown

-Nov. 28, 2017, training related, acres unknown,

-Dec 9, 2017, training related, acres unknown,

-Feb 26, 2018, training related, 300-400 acres, RED FLAG DAY (El Paso/Fremont)

-March 4, 2018, not training related, 300 acres, RED FLAG DAY

-March 9th, 2018- Orchard Canyon fire, 1,800a, training related, RED FLAG DAY (Fremont and Pueblo County):

-March 16, 2018, Carson-Midway, 2100 acres so far, still under investigation but points to a training site, RED FLAG DAY