No-Fly Zone for Ukraine Now!

No-Fly Zone for Ukraine Now!

26 February 2022
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Started by Marc Wilkins

UPDATE: As the U.N. did meet for a Emergency Special Session, but did not demand a no-flight zone, we are re-directing this petition to NATO. To respect the 30'000 people who signed this petition as a U.N. petition, I keep the original text for the U.N. below. But we all demand NATO to protect Ukraine. 

"We are witnessing, literally watching live, Putin commit genocide on an industrial scale in Ukraine while the most powerful military alliance in history stands aside.” Garry Kasparov


Honorable members of the United Nations General Assembly,

We are calling on you to meet for an Emergency Special Session to install a no-fly zone over Ukraine immediately. Following U.N. resolution 377A(V), "Uniting for peace", the United Nations can take action even in the event of lack of unanimity among Member States, as is the case with Russia who is the aggressor in the current conflict.

The current military operation against the population of Ukraine, undertaken with a great imbalance of capability and force by Russia, is an unequivocal “threat to peace, breach of the peace or act of aggression.” Civilian populations are in the line of fire and residential buildings, schools and hospitals have already been hit by missiles and bombardments from the aggressor’s vastly superior air capabilities. A no-fly zone is necessary to limit civilian casualty and can be imposed by a majority of UN member states per resolution 377A(V), even with dissenting votes. 

This action must be taken to prevent worsening casualties and destruction of civilian infrastructure, and to prevent the further escalation of this humanitarian crisis. 

Sincerely and hopefully,

Citizens of All Nations

377A(V) Uniting for peace

"Resolves that if the Security Council, because of lack of unanimity of the permanent members, fails to exercise its primary responsibility for the maintenance of international peace and security in any case where there appears to be a threat to the peace, breach of the peace, or act of aggression, the General Assembly shall consider the matter immediately with a view to making appropriate recommendations to Members for collective measures, including in the case of a breach of the peace or act of aggression the use of armed force when necessary, to maintain or restore international peace and security. If not in session at the time, the General Assembly may meet in emergency special session within twenty-four hours of the request therefor. Such emergency special session shall be called if requested by the Security Council on the vote of any seven members, or by a majority of the Members of the United Nations".

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Signatures: 44,476Next Goal: 50,000
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