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In 2008, you were voted into office because of a few reasons, but one was because we thought you were going to toughen up on child support or at least enforcement. I'm a 29 year old mother of 2 daughters, yet between jobs I send thousands of kids back 2 to school. I empower, motivate & encourage single mothers, married mothers and men daily to be better in society. All I hear y'all talk about is Marriage Equality & Gun Control. Have you thought that Adam & Steve dad probably took them for a joke? And their mom did the best she could but they only saw women so that may be why they are gay? Or maybe people are killing because of hate, jealousy, etc. because they lack something at home? The ROOT. I think it's time you focus MORE on children. Parking lot education for a second. The most important things are taught in the house, but look at the poor quality of parents. WHY? Because they don't have to be better. They get away with minimum & the laws allow it. I'm doing a lot right now to help mothers like myself. I need your help. I've done more work in this email than NC Child Support Enforcement has done in years for us. Google me or see below. Just like you, my daughters will be raised by a single mother. And just like you, my daughters will be great. But there are over 10 million of us. You gon help us out or nah? #turnUP



My name is Shaunesi DeBerry Melvin, I am the ex wife of a International Professional Basketball Player who's monthly pay has been at a high of most US citizens yearly salary and because of this I stand firm on the grounds of NO EXCUSES when it comes to receiving a reasonable and consistent payment amount for our daughters. In 2011, at a show cause ( The absent parent was not in compliance with the order) hearing held in Wake County (Raleigh NC) for the support of my daughters the Judge took his passport, held him in contempt, but put wording in this child support order that neither of us should make "disparaging" remarks against each other via social media. This let me know that this particular judge wasn't seeing the BIGGER picture. What someone says about me, or what I say about them is NOT important in child support court, nor in enforcing the order. What IS important is that both parties do their part in making sure that the bare minimum for the children is upheld with NO EXCUSES. To date my daughters child support arrears is over $8k and thats only for a few months of being behind, yet the absent parent's private paid legal counsel has continuously accepted motions on his behalf, came to court, and has been able to get continuances granted. Meanwhile, I've had to depend on community support, multiple hustles and family and friends in order to stay afloat. In 2013, I've received 5 payments of $72.06. Where is the enforcement of the $1249/mth order? Who is the "law"? Who is in charge of enforcing? What are the courts doing to keep this from happening every few months/years? While going thru all of this and struggling I have been able to feed hundreds of families during the holiday, and send hundreds of kids back to school with donations to my non profit, Women Wear Pants Too Inc.™ because of this I am a firm believer that there is NO EXCUSE when it comes to making something happen. I hope to get as many signatures as possible on this petition because for the past 4 years this has been part of the "story of my life" and its time for a CHANGE not just for my daughter's case but for ALL cases!!


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