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No Equal? No More! Campaign for Sexual Assault Victims at ASU

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Last spring, four Appalachian football players (plus one friend) sexually assaulted and raped a young woman in SUCCESSION- 2 were charged with rape. The following semester, two of those five struck again, forcibly raping yet another student. When these girls came forward, they were treated as heretics. Following an uphill battle that never should have been necessary, the accusations were brought to the attention of the student court. From there, two players were found guilty. The other three, found responsible for lesser charges, were allowed back on campus with essentially a slap on the wrist, and no notification was given to the victims. What happened to the two found guilty? Oh, right. . . they were suspended for 8 semesters, told that by a senior faculty member that they were "victims of the system" because it was "interrupting their academic progress," and reinstated in time for next year's football season.

Reinstating a student found guilty of rape to the football team, failing to notify the victims of their perpetrators' presence on campus, and failing to notify the student body of these occurrences only perpetuates rape culture and creates an environment that is unsafe for students. How many other "unspecified university issue(s)" have we allowed to pass with no semblance of justice to be seen? How many more will we allow?

I'll answer that one for you- NO EQUAL, App State? How about NO MORE.


Stand with us in forcing Appalachian State University's administration to address this urgent issue and support the victims in their quest for justice.


ASU has a responsibility towards its students to ensure that their safety and well-being is protected. We believe the University should:

• adopt an improved training process focused on recognizing and dismantling rape myths for those serving on the Student Conduct Board;

• create an Interpersonal Violence Prevention Coordinator position on staff to educate, inform, and actively engage members of the ASU community in collectively preventing sexual assault, relationship violence, and stalking;

• develop a University-supported bystander intervention training program, enabling students to recognize early signs of interpersonal violence and equipping them with skills to prevent it;

• create a University-supported program training participants to effectively support student survivors of interpersonal violence;

• review the execution of the current alert system concerning general student body notification after a sexual assault.

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