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REJECT any proposal to develop a casino in East Greenbush

A casino would drastically change our community and quality of life -- for the worse.

It would make East Greenbush and neighboring areas less safe, and cause home values to plummet.

A casino would NOT bring long-term economic growth. It would sap customers from our businesses, and overstress our infrastructure. It would increase traffic, noise and pollution. It would send a negative message to children in nearby schools.

Most importantly: our Town Board voted to support a casino WITHOUT CONSIDERING PUBLIC OPPOSITION. This kind of government must not be allowed to prevail.

A casino is a POOR PLAN for East Greenbush residents, and a POOR LEGACY to leave for future generations.

Don't gamble with the safety and vibrancy of East Greenbush!  NO CASINO!

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  • New York State Gaming Facility Location Board
    Paul Francis, Stuart Rabinowitz & William C. Thompson, Jr.

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