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Mining Companies (often from overseas) are currently applying, and some already have a license, to do explorations in and around South Gippsland as well as the greater Gippsland region and Victoria as a whole. Many homes and farms as well as our local towns are directly affected, and will be for many generations to come if these companies go ahead with Coal Seam Gas mining. They will make billions and we will be left with prime agricultural land turned into unusable wasteland, with chemical rich underground aquifers, and salt piles as big as a small dairy farm! After they use the fracking method to access the underground gas, the chemical filled water that they extract will either be held in massive water storages on our land or re-deposited back into the underground water supply! This affects all of Victoria, and there is no telling exactly how bad the chemical residue will be, or how sick we will become from it until its too late! But that doesn't bother the mining companies as by then they will have made their money and taken all the gas! Please sign the petition below to help stop Coal Seam Gas Mining! For more information please visit or search for our facebook page on CSG in South Gippsland.

We want our elected Government to immediately stop and ban any future Coal Seam Gas Mining and explorations in South Gippsland. We are extremely concerned about what mining Coal Seam Gas will do to our prime agricultural land, and the implications it will have on our future, our childrens future, and the future production of food and milk for our country. The damage it will cause to our underground water alone should be enough reason to deny mining companies the right to use and abuse our land for money. We need Coal Seam Gas mining stopped NOW!

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