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Pocantico Hills Resident started this petition to Residents of Pocantico Hills & Neighbors

Dear Fellow Neighbors,

Homeland Towers is proposing to build a cell phone tower in the heart of the historic Pocantico Hills Hamlet.

We want to express our strong opposition. We implore you to give our views  weighty consideration. The proposed site is not an option for many reasons: 

1) First and foremost, we are opposed to the tower because of the possibility that it may have negative health effects on our families.  Experts seem to agree that no conclusions can be drawn about the safety of cell towers until more long term studies can be completed.  We would rather not take that chance to expose our families and particularly our children to this type of risk. Peer reviewed published science shows harmful effects of cell tower radiation include: fatigue, headaches, sleep problems, anxiety, ringing in the ears, heart problems, learning and memory disorders, increased cancer risk, and more.  And with the installation of 5G network, our exposure to electromagnetic radiation levels will certainly increase. 

2) Given the potential hazard, the close proximity of the tower to the village is egregious and shocking. It is less than 300 ft from many of our homes and very close to the school. Even the slightest possibility of health risks is enough reason not to build near our homes and school.  We all deeply want our children to grow up healthy and safe and protect them from all harms.  There are so many families with children withen a 300ft radius of this proposed site. We cannot allow this to happen.

3) It is in the heart of Pocantico Hills. This section of Bedford Rd includes many of the most historical buildings in the hamlet such as the Union Church, the Church of the Magdalene, the Pocantico Hills School, and the Firehouse. People come from all over to convene in this very setting. To attend church and find peace in nature. We are a community that cares and we are committed to ensuring that these special and historical spaces of Pocantico Hills are maintained for the next generation to have and enjoy. 

5) The proposed site is to be built right where there is an existing carriage road. John Rockefeller created these roads so that people from all walks of life would be able to receive natures blessings. "In this high speed world, these carriage roads are a crucial resource, offering the calm and the beauty of nature to thousands of people." -Ann Rockefeller Roberts. 

6) Homeland Towers has not done their due diligence. They have not communicated ANY alternate locations to the residents of Pocantico.  Surely there must be alternate locations further from our homes and school that will serve our residents better. This location is directly upon our homes and is a result of poor planning. It is an invasion of privacy to those homes on Bedford Rd.

7) Building a cell phone tower in such close proximity to our homes will negatively affect our property values. 

8) It will be a monstrosity, an eyesore and a blight on the Hamlet of Pocantico and all of its guests. The base measures 30 ft by 30 ft and will protrude into the sky.  They will clear all trees in the lot to build. The noise from this construction will be awful and will disrupt all residents. This is not the peace that is Pocantico. And in the end, the constant buzz of a cell tower over the bells of the Union Church.

9) In the winter, falling ice threatens all people in its immediate area, including those walking on the carriage trail directly underneath it. Horses also frequent this particular trail. 

10) Furthermore we are dedicated to upholding the aesthetic integrity of this historic and beautiful community where people come to pray and commune with nature.  The cell tower would be smack between two historical churches. The tower in this particular setting is an affront to the thousands of visitors who seek to surround themselves with nature undisturbed by modern stresses.  The cell tower would be blight on the legacy we wish to protect. It would destroy this very special place.

Please support and pass this along to anyone who can help!


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