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Oppose the 150 Foot Telecom Tower on Ridgecrest and Martha Berry Dr.

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We, the undersigned, represent citizens opposed to the placement of a 150' Monopole Telecommunication Tower north of Ridgecrest Drive, south of Martha Berry Drive, and east of Hollyhock Lane. The proposed tower development would be in close proximity to many residential homes.

We, the undersigned, oppose the cell phone tower for reasons including, but not limited, to the following:

Diminished Property Values and Neighborhood Character
We live in a beautiful and established area. A cell phone tower will mar the beauty and character of the neighborhood and decrease its desirability for residents and homebuyers alike. According to a 2005 study published in the Appraisal Journal, “the results of the sales analysis show prices of properties were reduced by around 21% after a CPBS [cell phone tower] was built in the neighborhood.” There are many young families in the area who are trying to build wealth and their homes are their biggest asset. There are also a number of elderly people in the neighborhood, some of whom are on fixed incomes. The residents cannot afford to have our property values diminish by 20 or more percent. The properties to the north of the proposed lot on Martha Berry Drive risk the greatest property value losses, as these homes are among the highest elevations in the City and have magnificent views. A 150 foot Telecom Tower at only 168 feet from the nearest Martha Berry property would destroy these views and be catastrophic to the property values of the homes on the north side of the tower.

Risk of Unsafe Road Conditions and Decreased Pedestrian Safety
The location of the proposed cell phone tower is situated on a residential street with light residential traffic.  If a cell phone tower is built, it could result in an increase in large commercial vehicle traffic.  This increased traffic would make our roads less safe for drivers and could compromise the safety of the road for pedestrian use.

Environmental Threat for Wildlife
The location of the proposed cell phone tower is an undeveloped wooded area.  The area is home to a diversity of wildlife, all of whom will be negatively impacted by the building and upkeep of this tower.  The tree clearings will destroy the homes of this wildlife and introduce harmful chemicals through paving and emissions from commercial vehicles that would access the tower.  Additionally, the deforestation of the area could increase the risk of flooding and result in diminished water quality to this portion of the First Creek watershed. As local stewards of Fountain City, it is our responsibility to protect the flora and fauna from the deforestation and introduction of harmful chemicals into this natural ecosystem.

In summary, the neighborhood residents of the proposed tower location have much to lose with this proposed development. We urge the Planning Commission to act on our behalf to protect our neighborhood from this devastation by voting against the installation of the Telecom Tower.


The concerned residents, homeowners, and others who have voluntarily signed this petition.


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