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The Town of Mt. Pleasant is currently considering the installation of a 110-foot tall cell phone tower in a residential neighborhood of Pleasantville.  

I'm concerned about this tower because of its general location, within a quiet family neighborhood, and its specific location, next to a school bus stop at an already dangerous intersection.  

While I understand that companies want to provide good cell phone coverage, I believe it is possible to build infrastructure in a way that is sensitive to the community and to the environment.  This proposal is neither.  

It was put into motion without gathering input from nearby residents.  The cell phone tower company and its owner are not based in our community, so they will not be forced to live in close proximity to it.  It doesn't affect them.  It affects us.  It affects our safety and the safety of our children.  It affects our property values.  The data are not conclusive, but it could potentially affect our health.  

 It is time for us to change the way infrastructure like this is put in place.  Please sign this petition to help us stop the installation of this cell phone tower and to send a message that citizens should have a say in issues affecting their neighborhoods.  

Letter to
Town of Mt. Pleasant Supervisor Joan A. Maybury
Town of Mt. Pleasant Councilman Thomas A. Sialiano
Town of Mt. Pleasant Councilman Peter J. DeMilio
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Town of Mt. Pleasant Councilman Carl Fulgenzi
Town of Mt. Pleasant Councilman Mark Rubeo
I just signed the following petition addressed to: The Town Council of Mt. Pleasant, New York.

The Town of Mt. Pleasant is currently considering the installation of a 110-foot tall cell phone tower at the corner of Bear Ridge and Watch Hill Roads, in a residential neighborhood of Pleasantville. We are strongly opposed to the installation of the tower for the following reasons:

1. It will cause property values to decline further, affecting homeowners, the local real estate market, and the township (due to reduced tax revenue).

2. The neighborhood is already burdened by noise pollution since it is in Westchester Airport's low-fly zone.

3. The tower would be next to a bus stop used by a dozen children at what is already a dangerous intersection. The Byram Hills School Bus Transportation Department will not even pull into this intersection in the afternoons, stating that it is too dangerous at that time of day. Adding any sort of infrastructure near this intersection would be a distraction and an additional safety concern.

4. A 110-foot tower is incompatible with the neighborhood aesthetics. Although it is intended to resemble a tree, it is clearly not one and would be an eyesore.

In addition, though current scientific research does not yet provide clear evidence that radio frequency (RF) radiation from cell phone towers poses a health risk, research in this field is ongoing.

The FCC standards were established in 1996 and the data used at that time are outdated. The World Health Organization has labeled RF a possible carcinogen and says further studies need to be done. In 2009 a metastudy conducted by seven scientists in five countries concluded that health effects from RF occur at exposure levels many orders of magnitude below existing public safety standards, and that children are affected more strongly than adults. For the sake of the many children who live in this neighborhood, we should err on the side of caution where potential health issues are concerned.

For all of these reasons, we respectfully and adamantly request that the proposal to install this cell phone tower be denied.

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