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No Budget, No Pay.

I think it’s time Congress had a little skin in the game, don’t you? Let’s get something passed that states if they can’t agree on a federal budget by the deadline their pay is cut off. If we don’t get paychecks due to this mess, neither should they. They really need to feel our pain. If I hadn’t done my job for days, let alone years, I would be fired. If you don’t do your job, you don’t get paid – it should apply to Congress too.

Many people on the Hill say things like ‘It’s complicated’ and ‘You don’t really understand the implications of… yadda yadda yadda’. Really? We don’t understand?

The last time we had a +real+ budget passed into law was 1997. 1997. +Sixteen+ years ago.

The last time we even had a budget was over 1400 days ago. Almost +four+ years ago. Since then The Government - Our Country – has been operating under a patchwork of band-aids that keep us going for a few months at a time. Whiskey Tango Foxtrot! How is this okay?!?

It’s time to let them know how we feel about this, and curtail this ridiculous situation. We need to raise our voices to let that small group of people in Washington know they are NOT doing their job of caring for the nation as a whole. Really, how much has actually gotten done in Congress over that last few years? The leadership of our great country acts more like a bunch of high school kids these days. This is about people’s +real+ lives, not some school ground squabble to prove who’s the most popular

I bet you know 10 year olds who can figure out how to compromise and play together – why can’t our elected representatives? Shouldn’t our Congressional representatives be smarter than a 5th grader?

I doubt Congress would vote to cut their own pay, but We the People can. We the People can push for an Article V Convention for an amendment to the Constitution to cut their pay if they don’t pass a budget by the end of the fiscal year.


Have you been affected by this whole mess? Raise your hand.

Are you worried about your paycheck? Raise your hand.

Are you worried about your job being cut? Raise your hand.

Are you are worried about making your mortgage or rent payment? Raise your hand.

Are you worried about buying groceries? Raise your hand.

Congress members should be worried about the same things, right?


I’m just one person and can’t accomplish a whole lot on my own. If We the People all band together we +can+ make a difference. Let’s do this thing.

No Budget, No Pay.


Letter to
Your State Senate
To our State Speakers of the Houses and Assemblies:

I just signed the following petition addressed to you and the American People.


The job of Congress is to responsibly lead and safeguard the government of our country. A fundamental part of that responsibility is fiscal stewardship – to wit, agreeing upon and passing a federal budget allowing the continued operation of our government.

The historical performance of Congress regarding the federal budget has been very poor of late. Over the past 6 decades Congress has only passed a concurrent budget resolution and associated appropriations bills 4 times by the deadline. Recently, we have been without a federal budget for over 1400 days. Operating under a patchwork of short-term continuing resolutions is no way to run the country.

It’s obvious that Congress is broken, and the American people and the United States are being held prisoner by the members’ inability to compromise and unwillingness to work together to ensure the smooth operation of our country. We have lost both our trust and faith in the institution.

The lack of direct, personal repercussions for their actions, or lack thereof, is a problem we need your help to rectify. A No Budget, No Pay consequence stating that if the congressional budget and appropriations process is not completed by the start of the government's fiscal year on Oct. 1, members of Congress will not be paid for any time that the federal government lacks an enforceable budget and appropriations bills. I believe this consequence may help the members better understand the situation the average American experiences due to the lack of a budget.

As I believe Congress will not enact such legislation to affect themselves, it falls on the states to call for an Article V Convention to propose this consequence as an amendment to the Constitution.

Such an action will help restore the American people’s trust in the legislative process, as well as increasing accountability in Congress. It will also send the strong message to your constituents that you understand and will act upon our alarm regarding the debacle in Washington.

I ask you as a constituent to help us address this serious problem. We the People need your help.


[your name]

CC: Rep. Mike Hubbard, AL
Rep. Mike Chenault, AK
Rep. Andy Tobin, AZ
Rep. Davy Carter, AR
Rep. John A. Pérez, CA
Rep. Mark Ferrandino, CO
Rep. Brendan Sharkey, CT
Rep. Peter Schwartzkopf, DE
Rep. Will Weatherford, FL
Rep. David Ralston, GA
Rep. Joseph Souki, HI
Rep. Scott Bedke, ID
Rep. Michael Madigan, IL
Rep. Brian C. Bosma, IN
Rep. Kraig Paulsen, IA
Rep. Ray Merrick, KS
Rep. Sannie Overly, KY
Rep. Chuck Kleckley, LA
Rep. Mark Eves, ME
Rep. Michael E. Busch, MD
Rep. Robert DeLeo, MA
Rep. Jase Bolger, MI
Rep. Paul Thissen, MN
Rep. Philip Gunn, MS
Rep. Tim Jones, MO
Rep. Mark Blasdel, MT
Rep. Greg L. Adams, NE
Rep. Marilyn Kirkpatrick, NV
Rep. Terie Norelli, NH
Rep. Sheila Y. Oliver, NJ
Rep. W. Ken Martinez, NM
Rep. Sheldon Silver, NY
Rep. Thom Tillis, NC
Rep. David Drovdal, ND
Rep. Bill Batchelder, OH
Rep. T W Shannon, OK
Rep. Tina Kotek, OR
Rep. Sam Smith, PA
Rep. Gordon D. Fox, RI

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