Petition Closed

Although we all know that any sport is a business first and formost but the NBA does not need to generate extra income by placing ads on the players jerseys. Each players has a unique talent they provide for the NBA and to show our respect towards the players we should not allow sponsorships to have their mark on any jersey. If the NBA seeks to generate extra funds have them put advertisments on the uniforms of their workers (refs, floor crew, etc.).

Letter to
Commissioner David Stern
National Basketball Association (NBA)
I just signed the following petition addressed to: National Basketball Association (NBA).

Not to put Advertising on NBA players jerseys.

To show my respect towards the players of the National Basketball Association, I refuse to accept the idea of allowing sponsors to have their mark on their jersey. Each player provides a unique talent for the NBA and without them the NBA would not exist as it is today. Its takes lifelong practice, challenges, and skill to be a professional basketball player and to make it into the NBA is as hard as any professional sport.

As for a jersey it should only reflect on a city, a team, and a player, not to some high dollar vendor who has no means but to generate more funds by advertisement on a player’s jersey. I believe if the NBA is to generate extra funds they should look at other opportunities for advertisements. One of them could start by placing Ads on the uniforms of the NBA's workers (refs, floor crew, etc.).

After all the NBA logo was genetated to symbolize the NBA's focal point of their identity.