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NO 2 Harper's Dirty Tar Sands Oil

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End our dependence on dirty and destructive oil

Dear President Obama,

In February you acknowledged that tar sands oil creates a "big carbon footprint". 

When Prime Minister Harper visits you this week, say no to continuing our dependence on dirty and destructive tar sands oil from Canada .  Climate change is one of the most serious national security threats we face.  Indeed it is a GLOBAL threat to all life on earth.

We could be creating millions of new clean energy jobs here in the United States instead of shipping money to oil companies to increase pollution.

We're serious about creating a new clean energy economy, and on September 16th let Prime Minister Harper know you are too.  That means reducing our reliance on Canada's dirty oil, and putting risky money being spent on pipelines and refineries into the clean energy economy of the 21st century.



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Urge Obama: Don't Buy What Harper is Selling

        In February President Obama made his first international visit after taking office, to Canada .  We asked you to urge President Obama to resist Prime Minister Stephen Harper's sales pitch for Big Oil -- and you, and the President, delivered.
        On September 16th, Prime Minister Harper is returning the visit, and he'll be pushing Canada 's dirty tar sands oil when he comes.
        He's the head of Canada's Conservative Party, and one of the biggest shills for Big Oil. Like President Bush, Prime Minister Harper first denied climate change. He has since opposed strong action on global warming. And now he'd like to see the United States continue our destructive dependence on dirty tar sands oil from Canada.
        We need you to help us welcome Prime Minister Harper to the White House and let President Obama know he shouldn't fall for Harper's oil-slick pitch.
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We don't want dirty oil from Canada.

        Canada is our largest supplier of oil, and there is no oil dirtier than oil from their tar sands. The billions of dollars handed to Big Oil every year could instead be creating President Obama's clean energy economy by supporting new clean energy jobs.
        We need to let President Obama know that we still want a clean energy economy, and we're not buying what Prime Minister Harper is selling.

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to contact President Obama and let him know that clean energy jobs in the United States should come before dirty oil from Canada.
    * For more information, go to the action page.

From: "Dirty Oil Sands"
Date: 11 сентября 2009 г. 12:37





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