Sign if you want a vote of no confidence in our current conservative government

Sign if you want a vote of no confidence in our current conservative government

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Started by Louise Smith

Our government gave themselves £10K working from home bonuses on top of their £80k salary while they tried to stop free school meals and while closing down shelters for victims of violence, and then refused a pay rise to key workers. They held a Christmas party while telling us we would be fined it we had them, and the Prime Minister claims he didn't know which undermines his suitability to run an entire county.  One MP had an affair with his colleague whilst he should have been in lockdown, one said the government didn't need to wear masks when with other MPs because they were all friends, one is recorded to have said that even if they were all peodaphiles they would still get re-elected. We have a government that lied to us about the money Brexit would save us when it actually costs us over £4 billion. We have a government which gave £4.2 billion contracts to their friends to produce PPE.  One single contract was for £1.8 billion. Donors to the party have been awarded seats in the house of Lords.

We have one of the highest covid death rates in Europe!

We deserve better!  We deserve a government which has wisdom, intergrity and a concern for the British people, not one that laughs at us.

And we deserve it NOW! Not in 2024!

Please vote to hold a general election and lets elect in a party that we deserve! And we deserve better than this!