Online classes to continue till new academic year.

Online classes to continue till new academic year.

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NMIMS University

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Started by Anwesha Mallick

Respected authorities,

This is a request to file a petition on the basis of outstation students currently studying in the prestigious college of NMIMS. 

We received a notice that mentions that our offline classes are starting from 10th feb 2022 and it’s compulsory for the people to come. Well most of us are having accommodation issues and parents are not willing to give any consent. Covid cases are still very uncertain and can rise up again anytime. It's very risky even for the on station students to travel daily to college. 

This is correct because due to this pressure not only our mental health is declining but we are being forced to come to college in this uncertain times even though it’s clearly mentioned in the newspaper records that it ideally depends on the student and a college is not suppose to threaten its student on the basis of their attendance. 

Students need some time to settle with the situation so it's a request to start complete offline sessions from a new academic year instead of starting it in the middle of a semester. 

I hope you understand this and do the needful.

182 have signed. Let’s get to 200!