Plastics in Himalayas

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Our Environment is at the risk of obliterating into the void, with the consumption habits and irrelevant use of the plastic, and no means to reduce or recycle the used plastic, and above all no means to eliminate Plastic from the current eco-system. We have been naïve and have used plastic and thrown it, hoping it to be self-destructive and wondering how much time it will take to degrade, not realizing the harmful effect it has on the soil and water and our eco-system which doesn’t only involve humans but also the nature, where we co-exist with the surroundings. The damage it has done to our environment is far more than the total consumption of it, harming animals, mountains and water bodies. The environmentalist has been trying to warn us of Global Warming since ages now, however even that doesn’t have an impact on us, and I do not know when it will? The reasons are many onto the list that should be enough to motivates us to ban and stop the usage of plastic and to come up with a plan to re-use or upcycle the existing dumps of plastic waste that is generated in millions of tonne, however the major reason being that, in a short span of time, the generation will end up worrying on how to fight for survival and providing the same nature to the next generation and the point that we did not take the right stand at the right time, will haunt us while we will struggle to live! We will be the reason that our Children will be living in a world of plastic, with a degraded eco-system, pollution and pollutants.

Not only this, we will be witnessing the dreadful D-Day, when our snow clad Mountains would start rattling down, when the glacier would have melted completely, the water level would have risen, the earth all topsy-turvy, the google images replicating the images of a dying earth, all because we were busy living with Plastic and despite knowing the facts – we choose to remain silent and not do anything.

It is not hidden from us the intellectual ones that the plastic not only gets dumped on land but also on sea and ocean, which has impacted the marine life, along with the animals on land and air and we are the reason that those beautiful creatures are dying even though they have no role to play in it! Well, it would not be wrong to say that we all are Murderers, who are responsible for taking the innocent lives of the animals and the nature around us and of the Earth, that we consider as our holy Mother! We have let all our sentiments dissolve and it is not only the surrounding that is Plastic, but it is also our feelings that are Plastic too! We have stopped feeling all together for our future, next generation and for the creatures who would do good with little love and care from us. The ones who have no voice to depict the pain, only eyes that speak volumes and we pay no heed to the needs of those creatures around us.

 I want a better place, I want the same beautiful earth, the beaches, the stargazing nights, the snowclad peaks, the mighty Himalayas, the beautiful creatures, all to co-exist with us equally for myself and the next generations. I want each one of us to LIVE and protect nature. I want each one of us to make the right choices, I want each one of us to stand together fighting the cause and I need the support of each one of us. This is my concern for my Mother Earth, our Future, and the future of all living creatures (man and animal, surroundings, nature, trees, mountains, oceans, rivers) because each of this has a life that deserves to live and loved. And this should be the concern for all Mankind.

Due to these reasons, we are developing a system for the mountains and we need your help in finally getting it done ( ). Contribute now so we can help the future generations to see the natural habitat in its pristine form again.