Free registration for nurses and midwives (NMC) for at least 3 years as thanks

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Every year nurses and midwives pay the NMC (Nursing and Midwifery Council) a fee for their PIN and registration on the nursing register. The fee is £120 per year, which then enables a nurse to be registered and carry out their job. 

Due to recent difficult times and struggles within the NHS due to the coronavirus, they have proven their worth beyond a doubt. They have put themselves at risk for the rest of society by continuing to go to work and dealing with a huge amount of pressure and problems. Before the coronavirus there was already a shortage of nurses. Yet they still go to work and let’s be honest it’s not for the money it’s because they truly care! 

As a thank you nurses and midwives should be rewarded with a exemption from paying this fee for the minimum of 3 years. They do an amazing job and they should be recognised for it by not just society but organisations (that would be totally lost without them).

In what world do we make a caring profession pay to be able to care for us? Who would be willing to put themselves through all what they go through to then have to pay to do it? Is this how we reward our frontline staff? 

In my opinion this fee should have never have been put into place in the first place and should be abolished altogether