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NJSBF Mock Trial Committee: Allow Wayne Hills High School to Compete

We received this from the Bar Foundation:

Wayne Hills High School and Wayne Valley High School registered as separate teams when they entered the competition. It has been brought to the attention of the Mock Trial Committee that a combined “Wayne” team showed up at the courthouse without advance notice or advance permission to combine teams from two schools. Everyone on the committee who weighed in on this matter voted to disqualify the combined “Wayne” team from further competition. Please so inform the teacher-coach as soon as possible.

it states nowhere in any of the rules that we are not allowed to combine teams. In fact, we didn't even combine teams. The Wayne Valley High School dropped out of the competition. We re-absorbed members from the Wayne Valley High School team that are members of Wayne Hills High School.

In fact, according to Rule 2:2-4 of the Mock Trial Handbook; No rule or procedure may be changed after the 30th day preceding the first contest.

This is beyond unfair, and we need you, every single one of you, to help us prove that this is not OK.

Thank you.

Letter to
NJSBF Mock Trial Committee
Allow Wayne Hills High School to Compete. This was ONE night, and ONE competition. This does not disqualify all of the other work that they have accomplished. They have proved their ability, and they should not be disqualified due to a technicality that is not even stated in the Mock Trial Handbook. Do what supports the Mock Trial Goals, and allow the Wayne Hills High School Competition team to compete.

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