The Unfair Waiver Rules of the NJAYF/C Organization ....This Has Got To STOP!

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Our Daughters who are 12 no longer want to participate in their mandatory league (Fords Bearcats) for cheerleading.  We as parents agree, it is a failing league and a toxic environment for our girls.  The NJAYF/C allows people less than a mile away to go to any league they want but are saying because our children have a league in their town that they can only go to the 3 ascending towns they chose.  They DID NOT pick the 3 CLOSEST Towns to us but picked towns that would put us in heavy traffic to get too.  This is totally UNFAIR!  We chose a league that is the closest and most convenient to us.  It was also close enough for us to practice at with the mandatory league but yet they won't waiver us to participate there because they say they are not an ascending town.  How can this organization take away our right to put our children in a league we feel is the best league for them?  So if you are tired of these Football/Cheer leagues using our kids as PAWNS! Please help us get our voices heard so our daughters will able to participate in the sport they LOVE in the best environment possible.  Stop the politics in Youth Football/Cheer...Please sign our petition to change these RIDICULOUS RULES!