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Keep the NJ bear hunt for healthy population control

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Many people are trying to get the NJ bear hunt to be completely stopped. Black bear population in New Jersey has been steadily increasing over the last 3, almost 4, decades. 

What these anti-hunters fail to realize is that humans have been part of the food chain since we have been on this planet. Hunting seasons exist to regulate the amount of animals per species that may be hunted and killed per season. This isn't just some random number. This number is what experts have decided to be a healthy amount to bring the population back to where it is most beneficial and safe for the well being of that certain species in a specific region. 

Black bears in New Jersey have no other natural predators because they are the states largest land mammal. Many residents are having more and more issues due to the increase of numbers.

Too many people look at the bear hunt from an emotional perspective but fail to look at it from the preservation aspect. Without the bear hunt, and allowing humans to naturally continue being part of the food chain, more problems are arising and it is actually less humane for these bears to be overpopulated. 

Hunters are some of the most caring and vocal people when it comes to preservation efforts. We care about our wildlife and our great outdoors. Hunters are not these malicious killers that some try to portray us to be. These bears are beautiful animals, but they are not beautiful when they have a decreased food source caused by too high of a population. 

Help preserve the NJ bear hunt and keep the population safe by signing this petition today. People much smarter than myself decided it was a good idea to have a bear hunt, so don't let the emotional angle steer you in the wrong direction.

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