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NJ/NY Port Authority/MTA: Reduce the tolls back to $8 per access point.

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The toll hikes are unfair, too expensive and will cripple the pocket books of middle class Americans and those who rely on those access points to get to work each day. It's not fair, it's wrong and something must be done to reduce the tolls from $13 cash for cars and $15 per axle on commercial vehicles. People, you must understand that this stand must be taken!! Those folks who drive commercial vehicles to deliver and transport goods are taking the biggest hit, 15$ per axle can cost as much as $75 per vehicle. Where do you think these additional costs will end up? Coming out of our pockets; a double whammy!! It's time for the federal government to step in and find out where this toll money is going. I've not seen any improvements on the roads in and around the entrances and access points. The electronic signs still don't work properly and are difficult to see even on the best of days. Potholes proliferate the many bridges and roads leading up to the crossings all over the place. It is time to raise our voices and demand that the "powers that be" reduce the tolls to reasonable rates... We must do this TODAY!

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