NJ Gov. Murphy - Open ALL Poll Locations to Cast Votes using Voting Machines, No Mail-Ins

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We the People of New Jersey will not accept or tolerate mail-in voting and that the polls will need to be opened on November 3, 2020 for in-person voting using the voting booths - no paper ballots.  NJ has been in full to partial lock down for 5 months already and November is 2 1/2 months away.  Our Covid numbers have declined dramatically and NJ is one of the few states that has not shown an increase. In fact, Dr. Fauci has also said there is no harm in going to vote in person. 

Patterson and other areas of the state have shown ill will in mail-in ballots and there has been proven mail-in fraud.  This is the biggest election and we need to make sure that the least amount, if any fraud will come out of NJ.

If we are allowed to leave our homes for work, to shop in Target, Home Depot, grocery stores, DMV, practice martial arts, play recreational sports, and to participate in crowded protests then the polls should be open for voting with mask on and 6' a part of course.  It is our right as citizens of our great country to vote in person as it has been done since the founding of our democratic republic.  If someone cannot get to the polling station, there will be an absentee ballot as there has been in years past.