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Disrobe Judge Tomessello again, investigate the handling of all his family court cases.

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Judge Tomessello has been ruining families lives with his unethical approach in handling family court issues for a long time going back when he was serving in Gloucester County NJ until they got tired and submitted a petition for his removal only to be transferred to Burlington County.

If you are a mother he shows a bias behavior towards you that needs to stop. You can submit documentation to the Courts showing your concern and almost all the time he sides with the male. He doesn't protect women and children from abuse. He takes custody away without cause showing that the person was unfit. And once custody was taken, my daughter ended up abuse by her father leaving marks on her body.

I have made a complaint with the judiciary committee only for them to tell him, and I go back to court and Judge Tomessello displayed his aggression on the bench by refusing to hear out my attorney and then he goes further to turn his back to walk off. My attorney then ask for the return of the children and without giving any reason Judge Tomessello stated oh she knows why I took her kids.

I have and always followed the court order and almost all the time with the opposing counsel Carolyn Chang. Judge Tomessello threatens me and does nothing to the other side. This last court appearance was scheduled for Feb 15 under a different Judge and almost all the time my case gets cancelled and the rescheduled for Judge Tomessello. I have been living in Mercer County for over a year, and every time I request for a change of venue it's always denied.

Again these actions have to stop, because children are being destroyed by what goes on under some of these judges, so again Iam asking that this judge be permanently removed so he won't another child/ Family in the State of New Jersey.

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