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State Legislation "S2" has and will continue to have a detrimental effect on NJ Public Schools

The negative impact that S2 will have on a child’s education is a reason for concern. The Governor must take positive action to address the critical issue of school funding.  The time for talk is over and the time to act is now.

Increasing state funding for districts that have experienced increased enrollment and been flat-funded for years should by all means continue.  However, not at the expense of students in school districts whose state funding is being reduced!  The manner in which S2 is presently constructed is not the answer.  A plan must be implemented that ensures all 1.4 million children in New Jersey have access to equitable educational opportunities.

We are not alone. Senator Sweeney and Governor Murphy have slashed state funding to districts all across this state. Together, we are all fighting for the opportunity to guarantee a fairly funded public education for ALL of our children.

New Jersey is ranked #1 in the nation for public education.  That ranking will not last if school districts must dismantle educational programming and cut staff due to the negative impact of S2.  The end result will be catastrophic for our children